 Effect of high density water, low density water on protein stability and biological functions, Core Research Grant, DST, 38 lakhs, 2020-2023.
 Proteins at the interface of liquids, DST-SERB, 53 Lakhs, 2016-2019.
 Design & synthesis of colorimetric Chemosensors for Environment Pollutant Cations. DST-SERB, 25.00 Lakhs, 2014-2016
 Efficiency enhancement in organic photovoltaic devices using donor-acceptor conjugated polymers and plasmonic structures. SERB-DST, 25 lakhs, 2013-2016.
 Synthesis of novel nano-polymer membranes for desalination.BRNS,16.00 Lakhs,2010 –2013.
 Nanoporous polymer membranes for controlled release of fertilizer. DRDO, 17.00 Lakhs 2010 -2014.
 Fabrication and Characterization of Blue Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs). DIT, 72.00 Lakhs, 2011-2013.
 Carbon nanotubes by catalytic pyrolysis and its hydrogen storage properties, DRDO, 21.88 Lakhs, 2009-2013.
 Design and synthesis of light emitting conjugated copolymers for PLED applications. NITK,
5 lakhs, 2009-2011.
 Design of pharmaceutical cocrystals of polymorphic drug molecules by crystal engineering approach to alter its physical properties, NITK ,5.0 lakhs, 2009-2011.
 Molecular interactions in Dipeptide Metal Salt Solution Systems, DRDO 14.12, lakhs, 2008-2011.
 Green conversion of alcohols to carbonyl compounds in ionic liquids using nickel catalysts containing PPh3 and N-(2-pyridyl)-N¢-(salicylidene) hydrazine ligands. TEQIP-I, 6.00 Lakhs, 2007-2009.
 Synthesis, Characterization Studies on Nonlinear Optical Properties of some Organometallic Compounds, TEQIP-I, 6.00 Lakhs, 2008-2009.
 Synthesis Characterization and NLO studies of Ni(II), Co(II) complexes containing 1,10-phenanthroline Derivatives, TEQIP-I, 6.00 Lakhs, 2008-2009.
 Preparation and characterization of doped polymers for optical limiters, funded by DIT, 14.29 lakhs, 2007 – 2009.
 Synthesis and evaluation of electrical, electronic and optoelectronic properties of new polyheteroaromatics (Conducting Polymers), DRDO, 15.21 lakhs 2003 – 2007.
 Development of new Chitosan based biodegradable polymers using Microwave irradiations, 2007– 2009, funded by TEQIP-I, 5.00 lakhs, 2008-2009.
 Molecular interactions in some ionomer and polyelectrolyte solutions, funded by MHRD, 5.0 lakhs, 2003-2006.
 Development of new biodegradable polymers, funded by MHRD, 9.0 lakhs, 2005-2008.
 Development of new magnetic nanocomposites, SERC, 11.52 lakhs, 2006-2009.
 Studies on conducting polymer composites, MHRD, 20.0 lakhs, 2004-2005.

The Department has established testing facilities for various engineering materials like cement, paper, fertilizers, paints, varnishes, oils, petroleum products, water, metals, alloys, plastics, etc., as described in I.S. codes. It also undertakes the testing of industrial raw materials like molasses, lime, latex, ores, etc. Other testing facilities include characterization of materials, percent purity of material, calibration of weights, identification of polymers, instrumental analysis, etc. It extends consultancy work to the neighboring industries in the area of chemical analysis, interpretation of spectral results, synthetic organic chemistry, purification of organic dye intermediates & dye stuff and other related fields.


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