The following facilities are available in the department.  

1. Chemical analysis of alloys like nichrome, brass, bronze, stainless steel, etc. Chemical analysis of metals (% purity) like aluminium, iron, cupper,zinc, lead, silver, etc.
2. Chemical analysis of water for different parameters like chloride, sulphate, free chlorine, hardness, metal ions, pH, alkalinity, etc.
3. Analysis of industrial sewage for COD, pH, total solids, organic and inorganic matter, sulphates, hardness, dissolved oxygen, etc.
4. Analysis of seawater for Na+, K+, Cl-, Mg++ ions etc.
5. Analysis of molasses, petroleum products, latex, pigments, oils, fertilizers, cement, paints, varnishes, paper, pulp, polymers, and various organic & inorganic materials as per the procedure described in I.S. codebooks.
6. Surface area analysis.
7. Density of solid and liquid samples.
8. Viscosity and Refractive index measurement.
9. Magnetic Susceptibility measurement.
10. Extraction and analysis of natural products like essential oils, dyes, alkaloids, terpenoids, etc., of medicinal interest.
11. Synthetic Organic Chemistry - Organometallics.
12. High Polymers - Polymerization, Polymer blends, Composites and their analysis.
13. Reagents for Spectrophotometric analysis.
14. Kinetics of industrially important reactions.
15. Analysis of pollutants in air, soil and water.
16. Coordination Chemistry – Metal complexes.
17. Electroplating of Ni, Cu, Zn on steels.
18. Corrosion studies – Inhibitors, etc.

19. Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Analysis Charges

20. FTIR Analysis Request Revised Form

The major laboratories under the department are listed below. 

Undergraduate (UG) Labs

  1. UG lab I 
  2. UG Lab II 
  3. UG lab (Physical) 

Postgraduate Labs

  1. Inorganic Chemistry Lab
  2. Organic Chemistry Lab
  3. Physical Chemistry Lab

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