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Date of Joining at NITK: 

Monday, November 16, 1998

Professional Experience: 

Total 30 years and at NITK 24 years

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+91-824-2473204, +91-824-2474046
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Academic Background

• Ph.D. ( Mangalore University) 1998
• M.Sc. ( Mangalore University) 1992
• B.Sc. ( Mangalore University) 1990

Areas of Interest

• Synthesis of Carbon Nanostructures and its applications as hydrogen storage materials, catalysts, super-capacitors, composites, Bio sensors, NLO materials etc.
• Homogenous/Heterogeneous Catalysis: Alcohol oxidation, C-C coupling reactions.
• Coordination Compounds
• Organometallic Compounds as NLO materials
• Analytical Chemistry

Significant Projects

 Carbon nanostructures
 Alcohol oxidation and C-C coupling
 Dengue sensors

Supervision of Ph.D

• Awarded: 16
• Ongoing: 04
Supervision of M.Phil
Awarded: 01

Significant Publications

1. Shreeganesh Subraya Hegde, Badekai Ramachandra Bhat (2021), Dengue detection: Advances and challenges in diagnostic technology, Biosensors and Bioelectronics: X, 10, 100100.
2. Madhu N Nimbalkar and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat (2021), Simultaneous adsorption of methylene blue and heavy metals from water using Zr-MOF having free carboxylic group, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9, 106216-106226.
3. Saroja Anuma, Praveen Mishra and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat (2021) Polypyrrole functionalized Cobalt oxide Graphene (COPYGO) nanocomposite for the efficient removal of dyes and heavy metal pollutants from aqueous effluents, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 416, 125901-125929.
4. Praveen Mishra and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat, A study on the electro-reductive cycle of amino-functionalized graphene quantum dots immobilized on graphene oxide for amperometric determination of oxalic acid, Microchimica Acta,2019, 186:646.
5. Saroja Anuma, Praveen Mishra and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat, Cobalt Schiff Base Immobilized on a Graphene Nanosheet with N, O Linkage for Cross-Coupling Reaction. ACS Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.2019, 58, 2, 590-601.
6. Saroja Anuma, Praveen Mishra and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat , Copper complex with N-,O- architecture grafted graphene oxide nanosheet as a heterogeneous catalyst for Suzuki Cross Coupling Reaction, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2019, 95,643-651
7. Lolakshi Mahesh Kumar, PraveenMishra and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat, Iron pincer complex and its graphene oxide composite as catalysts for Suzuki coupling reaction. Journal of Saudi Chemical Society 2019, 23(3) 307-314.
8. Rifat Farzana, Ravindra Rajarao, Badekai Ramachandra Bhat and Veena Sahajwalla (2018) Performance of an activated carbon supercapacitor electrode synthesised from waste Compact Discs (CDs), ACS Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.2018, 65, 387–396.
9. R. Prasad, V.Ganesh and B.R. Bhat, Nickel-oxide multiwall carbon-nanotube/reduced graphene oxide a ternary composite for enzyme-free glucose sensing, : RSC Adv., 6, 2016, 62491-62500. DOI: 10.1039/C6RA08708F
10. L S Aravinda, K K Nagaraja, H S Nagaraja, K Udaya Bhat and B Ramachandra Bhat, Fabrication and performance evaluation of hybrid supercapacitor electrodes based on carbon nanotubes and sputtered TiO2, Nanotechnology, 2016, 27,314001.
11. Raghavendra Prasad, MK Lolakshi, Badekai Ramachandra Bhat, rGO supported Co-Ni bimetallic magnetically separable nanocatalysts for the reduction of 4-Nitrophenol, Synthetic Metals, 219, 26-32,
12. Raghavendra Prasad and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat, Multi-wall carbon nanotube–NiO nanoparticle composite as enzyme-free electrochemical glucose sensor, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 220, 2015, 81-90.
13. LS Aravinda, KK Nagaraja, HS Nagaraja, K Udaya Bhat, Badekai Ramachandra Bhat ZnO/carbon nanotube nanocomposite for high energy density supercapacitors, Electrochimica Acta,2013, 95, 119-124.
14. Praveen Mishra and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat (2019), A study on the electro-reductive cycle of amino-functionalized graphene quantum dots immobilized on graphene oxide for amperometric determination of oxalic acid, Microchimica Acta, , 186:646.
15. Praveen Mishra and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat (2019), Aggregative ways of graphene quantum dots with nitrogen-rich edges for direct emission spectrophotometric estimation of glucose, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 223,117325.


• Prof. S. T. Nandibewoor Award-2019 by Indian Council of Chemists- Received during 38th Annual Conference of ICC at Jaipur National University, Jaipur during 26-28th December 2019
• Commonwealth Academic Fellowship at Northumbria University, New Castle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom: January to April, 2015.
• Brain Pool Fellowship, Republic of South Korea ( July,2003-June, 2005)
• Direct Synthesis of phenol from Benzene on iron impregnated Activated carbon catalysts. Appl. Catal. A, 2005,290,1-8. A Science Direct Top 25 Hottest article.
• Green Conversion of Alcohols to Carbonyls Catalyzed by Novel Ruthenium-Schiff base-triphenylphosphine complexes. Inorg. Chem. Comm., 2011,14, 155-158. Science Direct Top 10 (2nd) most cited article. November, 2010.
• Results of article published in J. Nanopart. Res., 14, 2012, 656-661, has been Published in Nanotechnology weekly on 19th March, 2012.
• J. Nanopart. Res., 14, 2012, 656-661, has been published even in Vertical news and High Beam research due to its simplicity, environmental friendly route to synthesize new worm shaped carbon nanofibers.
• Research Collaboration with
Prof. VeenaSahjawalla, Director SMaRT Center @UNSW, Sydney Australia.
Dr. Maink Majumder, Nanoscale and Engineering Lab, Monash University Australia.
Dr. Fawad Inam, Northumbria University, United Kingdom.
Dr. T.H.Kim, Center for energy storage, KIER, Republic of South Korea.
• Member, Board of Governors, NITK, October, 2014 to October 2016
• President, Faculty Association of NITK, 2014 to 2017
• Secretary, Faculty Association of NITK, 2013 to 2014.
• Head, Department of Chemistry, NITK, 11th August, 2014 to 10th August 2016
• Nodal Officer for training, conference, workshop by TEQIP-I
• Joint Nodal Officer, TEQIP-I
• Joint Nodal Officer, TEQIP-II
• Associate NCC officer (Rank: 2 Lieutenant): 4/19 Kar. Bn: 1995-1998.
• Associate NCC Officer (Rank: Lieutenant): 2 Kar. Eng Comp.: 2000-2007.


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