Course Name: 

Chemistry lab



Credits (L-T-P): 

0-0-3 (2)


COURSE PLAN AND EVALUATION PLAN (I/II Sem.B.Tech- 2020-21) (Virtual Mode)

1) Course Code: CY 111 2) Course Title: Chemistry Lab 3) L-T-P: 0-0-3 (2) 4) Credit: 02 5) Pre- requisite: Nil

6) Course category: BSc 7) Teaching Department: Chemistry 8) Course for: I/II Semester B. Tech.

9) Objectives of the course:

a) To understand the principles of volumetric analysis in chemistry

b) To have exposure to procedures such as weighing, preparation of standard solution, titration etc.

c) To know the principles of Instrumental methods of analysis such as colorimetry, conductometry and potentiometry.

d) To know the techniques of titrations and handling certain instruments like Conductometer, Potentiometer etc.

e) Acquisition of skills in measuring, weighing, transferring chemicals and taking readings precisely.

10) Skill development of the student expected from the course:

a) Development of practical skill in chemistry lab activities.

b) Achievement of confidence in handling chemicals, glassware and instruments.

c) Learning of some of the volumetric and instrumental methods of analysis in chemistry.

d) Training in planning of lab experiments, accurate observation, data collection, reasoning and reporting of results.

e) Acquisition of skills in measuring, weighing, transferring chemicals and taking readings precisely.

11) Course coverage:

Schedule of Experiments

1st week: Estimation of total hardness of water

2nd week: Estimation of percentage of Cu in brass

3rd week: Estimation of percentage of MnO2 in Pyrolusite

4th week: Estimation of percentage of iron in Hematite

5th week: Estimation of N2 in ammonium fertilizer

6th week: Conductometry

7th week: Colorimetry 

8th week: Potentiometry

18.05.2021 Quiz Test-1 @ 17.30

08.06.2021 Quiz Test -2 @ 17.30

29.06.2021 Quiz Test -3 @ 17.30

13.07. 2021 End Sem Test @ 17.30

12) Reference books:

i) Engineering Chemistry Lab Manual supplied from Dept. of Chemistry, NITK, Surathkal.

ii) Vogel’s Text Book of Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Furnis et al. (ed) Pearson publication.


1. The course will be evaluated in two components: Continuous evaluation and End-semester tests. The weightage for the two components is as follows:

Continuous Evaluation: 30 Marks, End- Term Exam: 20 Marks, Total =50 marks

2. Continuous evaluation will include the following:

a) After 2, 4 and 7 th experiments, the ONLINE quiz Test-1, 2 and 3 will be conducted each for 10 marks respectively, Time: 10 Minutes.

b) Total weightage for quiz tests is (10 + 10 + 10 = 30) marks.

c) End term examination will be conducted once all the experiments were demonstrated.

d) End Sem exam (ONLINE MODE) will be conducted for 20 marks, Time: 20 minutes. e) Total weightage for all tests is (30 + 20 =50) marks.

f) Quiz Tests & End Sem. Examination will be the common tests for all the sections (S1 – S14).

3. Total weightage of 50 marks will be scaled up to 100 marks.


Sd/-                                                       Sd/-

Secretary – DUGC                             HOD (Chairman - DUGC)

Date: 19.04.2021                           Department of Chemistry


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