List of Sponsored Research projects (Ongoing/completed)

 Design & synthesis of colorimetric Chemosensors for Environment Pollutant Cations. DST-SERB, 25.00 Lakhs, 2014-2016

 Efficiency enhancement in organic photovoltaic devices using donor-acceptor conjugated polymers and plasmonic structures. SERB-DST, 25 lakhs, 2013-2016.

 Synthesis of novel nano-polymer membranes for desalination.BRNS,16.00 Lakhs,2010 –2013.

 Nanoporous polymer membranes for controlled release of fertilizer. DRDO, 17.00 Lakhs 2010 -2014.

 Fabrication and Characterization of Blue Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs). DIT, 72.00 Lakhs, 2011-2013.

 Carbon nanotubes by catalytic pyrolysis and its hydrogen storage properties, DRDO, 21.88 Lakhs, 2009-2013.

 Design and synthesis of light emitting conjugated copolymers for PLED applications. NITK, 5 lakhs, 2009-2011.

 Design of pharmaceutical cocrystals of polymorphic drug molecules by crystal engineering approach to alter its physical properties, NITK ,5.0 lakhs, 2009-2011.

 Molecular interactions in Dipeptide Metal Salt Solution Systems, DRDO 14.12, lakhs, 2008-2011.

 Green conversion of alcohols to carbonyl compounds in ionic liquids using nickel catalysts containing PPh3 and N-(2-pyridyl)-N¢-(salicylidene) hydrazine ligands. TEQIP-I, 6.00 Lakhs, 2007-2009.

 Synthesis, Characterization Studies on Nonlinear Optical Properties of some Organometallic Compounds, TEQIP-I, 6.00 Lakhs, 2008-2009.

 Synthesis Characterization and NLO studies of Ni(II), Co(II) complexes containing 1,10-phenanthroline Derivatives, TEQIP-I, 6.00 Lakhs, 2008-2009.

 Preparation and characterization of doped polymers for optical limiters, funded by DIT, 14.29 lakhs, 2007 – 2009.

 Synthesis and evaluation of electrical, electronic and optoelectronic properties of new polyheteroaromatics (Conducting Polymers), DRDO, 15.21 lakhs 2003 – 2007.

 Development of new Chitosan based biodegradable polymers using Microwave irradiations, 2007– 2009, funded by TEQIP-I, 5.00 lakhs, 2008-2009.

 Molecular interactions in some ionomer and polyelectrolyte solutions, funded by MHRD, 5.0 lakhs, 2003-2006.

 Development of new biodegradable polymers, funded by MHRD, 9.0 lakhs, 2005-2008.

 Development of new magnetic nanocomposites, SERC, 11.52 lakhs, 2006-2009.

 Studies on conducting polymer composites, MHRD, 20.0 lakhs, 2004-2005.


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