Beneesh P. B.


Assistant Professor

Date of Joining at NITK: 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Professional Experience: 

6 years (4 years 6 months in NITK)

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+91-824-2474000 Extn. 3219


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Academic Background

Ph.D. - University of Kerala (Mentor: Dr G Vijay Nair, NIIST-CSIR, Trivandrum) - 2009
M.Sc. - University of Calicut – 2003 (University 1st Rank)
B.Sc. - University of Calicut - 2001 (University 1st Rank)
CSIR - JRF June 2003
GATE 2003 (94.82)

Areas of Interest

Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Transition Metal Catalysis

Significant Projects

 DST-INSPIRE Faculty Project – 2013

Supervision of Ph.D

2 (Ongoing)

Significant Publications

1. Janardhanan, J. C., James, K., Puthuvakkal, A., Bhaskaran, R. P., Suresh, C. H., Praveen, V. K., Manoj, N., Babu, B. P.* - Synthesis of hybrid polycycles containing fused hydroxy
benzofuran and 1H-indazoles via a domino cyclization reaction. New Journal of Chemistry, 2019, 43, 10166 - 10175.
2. Amrutha, U., Babu, B. P., Prathapan, S. Metal free synthesis of 1‐azaspiro[4.4]nonane‐3‐one system via reactions of nitrones with 1,1‐disubstituted allenes. - J Heterocyclic Chem.
2019, 56, 0000. DOI: 10.1002/jhet.3718.
3. Deepthi, A., Babu, B. P., Balachandran, A. L. - Synthesis of Furans: Recent Advances - Organic Preparations and Procedures International, 2019, 51, 409-442.
4. Janardhanan, J. C., Mishra, R. K., Das, G., Sini, S., Jayamurthy, P., Suresh, C. H., Praveen, V. K., Manoj, N., Babu, B. P.* - Functionalizable 1H-Indazoles by Palladium Catalyzed
Aza-Nenitzescu Reaction: Pharmacophores to Donor-Acceptor Type Multi-Luminescent Fluorophores - Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018, 7, 2094-2104.
5. Babu, B. P., Meng, X. and Bäckvall, J.-E. - Aerobic Oxidative Coupling of Arenes and Olefins through a Biomimetic Approach - Chem. Eur. J. 2013, 19, 4140-4145.
6. Babu, B. P., Endo, Y. and Bäckvall, J.-E. - Biomimetic Aerobic Oxidation of Amino Alcohols to Lactams - Chem. Eur. J. 2012, 18, 11524 – 11527.
7. Nair, V., Babu, B. P., Vellalath, S., Varghese, V., Raveendran, A. E. and Suresh, E. - Nucleophilic Heterocyclic Carbene Catalyzed Annulation of Enals to Chalcones in Methanol: A
Stereoselective Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Cyclopentanes. Org. Lett. 2009, 11, 2507-2510.
8. Nair, V., Babu, B. P., Vellalath, S. and Suresh, E. – Stereoselective Synthesis of Spirocyclopentanones via N-Heterocyclic Carbene Catalyzed Reaction of Enals and Dienones.
Chem. Commun. 2008, 747-749.
9. Nair, V., Vellalath, S., Babu, B. P., Varghese, V., Paul, R. R and Suresh, E. - NHC-Catalyzed Annulation of Enals to Tethered Dienones: Efficient Synthesis of Bicyclic Dienes. Org.
Biomol. Chem. 2010, 8, 4861-4866.
10. Nair, V., Vellalath, S., Babu, B. P. - Recent Advances in Carbon- Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions Involving Homoenolates Generated by NHC catalysis. Chemical Society Reviews,
2008, 37, 2691-2698.


1. DST-INSPIRE Faculty Award, July 2013
2. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – University of Tokyo, Japan, 2009 (Mentor: Prof Eiichi Nakamura)
3. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – Stockholm University, Sweden – 2011(Mentor: Prof. Jan-E. Bäckwall

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